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News: MV SLNC Norfolk Loading Ops

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In late June and early July 2017, Schuyler Line Navigation Company (SLNC) loaded two 110-foot patrol boats retired from the United States Coast Guard fleet on their vessel MV NORFOLK.  The boats were loaded in Baltimore, MD with a final destination of Karachi, Pakistan.  SLNC was pleased to play an integral role in this collaboration between the United States Coast Guard and the Pakistan Maritime Security Agency (PMSA). Watch the video below.


Port: SLNC adds Thule Service

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Schuyler Line Navigation Company, LLC (SLNC) is pleased to announce service from Federicia, Denmark to Thule, Greenland with voyages from July to early September.  SLNC is the sole provider of sea lift for all US Government and US Government sponsored cargo Denmark to/from the Thule Defense Area, in Thule, Greenland commencing summer 2017. will act as exclusive agents for SLNC in Denmark and they will provide a door to door logistics solution for shippers, if required. Services will include but not be limited to: equipment coordination, trucking, warehousing, cargo handling, and agency and vessel stevedoring.  SLNC is excited to have partnered with this strong Danish Company and looks forward to working with all the shippers under this Defense Base Contract.

SLNC looks forward to returning to Thule, Greenland after completing the annual Thule resupply mission, Operation Pacer Goose in 2016.

For more information on shipping to and from Thule, Greenland, click here.

For more details about the partnership between Schuyler Line and, click here.


Port: SLNC Adds Diego Garcia Service

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Schuyler Line Navigation Company was recently awarded a five year charter with Military Sealift Command to supply the Naval Support Facility, other government agencies, and base contractors on Diego Garcia island.  Diego Garcia is a small island in the British Indian Ocean Territory that has served largely to enhance American security in the region since 1977.

In addition to supplying Diego Garcia, Schuyler Line also currently services bases in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, the Ascension Islands, and Thule, Greenland.  For more information about our liner service and routes, please contact us at or by phone at +1 (410) 216-9281


MV Norfolk

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Flag: US Flag


GRT/NRT: 15,549 / 6089, Panama NT: 12.957, Suez GRT:   16.050 UMS/PC 12844

DWT: 18,388.50 MT (usable 16,710.90 MT

Draft (SSW): 9.5M ssw, resp. 9.704M fw

LOA: 166.15 M, LBP: 156.00 m, Beam: 22.90 M, Depth: 13.90 M


Multi-purpose dry cargo ship BMW, GL + 100 A5 E3 all the way to AUT, Ice-class

Equipped for carriage of containers; Strengthened for heavy cargo; MC E3 AUT


MAN 7L 58/64 9.800 kW


2 x 400 MT SWL El,-Hydr.Cranes NMF (port side mounted), combinable up to 800 mt SWL

1 X 120 MT SWL El,-Hydr. Crane NMF (starboard mounted)



Hold no. 1 cbm: 3.889 cbm

Hold no. 2 cbm: 20.070 cbm

Total cbm: abt 23.960 cbm, (excl. twd) or abt 846.267 cbft

abt. 22.520 cbm, (incl. twd w/o 6 extra panels) Or abt 794.771 cbft         

Hatchcover sqm: abt. 1.972 sqm

Tweendeck sqm: abt 1.771 sqm + 6 extra panels

Lower Hold sqm: abt. 1.786 sqm

Total sqm: abt. 5.529 sqm + 6 extra panels


No. of holds: 2

Hold form: double skinned, boxshaped/narrow stepwise in container dimensions


Hatch1: abt. 25.60m (25.20m opening) x abt 13.50m (13.10m opening)

Hatch 2: abt. 86.50m (86.10m opening) x abt 18.40m (18.00m opening)


ITB SLNC Moku Pahu

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Flag: US Flag


Gross tonnage international (ITB): 22,757

Gross tonnage international (tug): 1,953

Gross tonnage international (barge): 20,804

Gross tonnage Panama (ITB): 23,007

Gross tonnage Suez (ITB): 22,449

Net tonnage (ITB): 11,762

LOA (ITB): 208.97 m

Length B.P. (ITB): 201.17 m

Breadth (Barge): 25.60 m

Moulded depth (barge): 16.15 m

DWT: 18,388.50 MT (usable 16,710.90 MT


Tropical: 11.20 m

Summer: 10.97 m

Winter: 10.74 m




Twin engine, twin propeller, twin rudder, 14 cylinder, max continuous output 5,220 KW each


3, Hagglund type GR 1624 Electro-hydraulic, grab fitted

Crame SWL 16.257 LT, (16.518 MT)


Fuel oil capacity, 98%: 1,701.8 m3

Diesel oil capacity, 98%: 273.7 m3


Caterpillar, Model D399: 1,200HP, 895 KW


Three, cargo volume, 100%: 5,491 m3


Six, cargo volume, 100%: 37,991 m3